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Q. What is "Letters From the Wasteland?"
A. It's an upcoming web comic centered around original characters set in the Fallout universe.
Q. When will LFtW be available?
A. The short answer is "when it's ready."
The site will go live with the prologue in its entirety, and regular updates will be settled on from there. I work full-time and have severe nerve pain in my dominant hand, so drawing takes some time.Q. Aren't you problematic or something?
A. I support freedom of expression in art, and believe that all art has value. I also believe that an artist's morals are not necessarily reflected in their art.
Q. Why is the "d" in "devot" always lowercase?
A. Because I prefer it that way.
Q. I have other questions.
A. Reach out to me on any social media platform.


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